Fresh off the heels of the blockbuster Quam’s Money and family favorite DOD: Day of Destiny, Inkblot is set to release its highly anticipated first film of 2021 the coming-of-age comedy-drama Charge and Bail.

With fourteen films released in the last six years, Inkblot Productions is deeply woven into the fabric of Nollywood. Releasing such cultural touchstones as The Wedding Party Series, The Arbitration, The Set-Up, and the New Money Series, Inkblot continues to be at the cutting edge of Nigerian cinema.

Inkblot is focused on bringing great Nigerian stories to our audiences and are working with amazing visionary storytellers to do so.

Charge and Bail marks Inkblot’s seventh collaboration with Film One Entertainment, the leading distribution company in Nigeria. Together their collaborations have generated over one billion naira in the box office at the Nigerian cinema.

Charge And Bail is set for an October 15th, 2021, release, and is sure to delight audiences in typical Inkblot fashion.

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